Who Should Attend?

  • McNair Scholars
  • Many McNair Scholars say that exposure to conferences, either as a presenter or simply as a participant, is one of the best things about the McNair Scholars program. Networking with other students in your field, learning about graduate school programs, hearing from distinguished guests and panelists, and enjoying the sense of community that McNair programs around the country share, are just a few of the benefits that this conference has to offer. Whether you are ready to present your research or not, attending the University of Maryland’s National Conference for McNair Scholars and Undergraduate Research will surely be a good experience.

  • McNair Staff
  • The McNair Research Conference isn’t just for students! Staff meetings, workshops, and social gatherings are also important for information sharing and professional development. This conference is a good opportunity for staff from around the country to get together, share ideas, and collaborate. Each year we make a point of scheduling events and activities that Directors and other staff members will enjoy.

  • Student Support Services Students
  • In addition to attending panels, guest speakers, and research presentations, Student Support Services (SSS) students will have the opportunity to attend instructional workshops covering topics ranging from “How to Write a Winning Personal Statement” to “How to Pick the Right Graduate School.” These workshops are particularly beneficial for those SSS students who are thinking about applying to graduate school and/or the McNair program. The following are quotes from SSS students who attended previous University of Maryland National Conferences for McNair Scholars and Undergraduate Research.
    • "I had a great time being enlightened, meeting other educated peers, and possible mentors."

    • "I really enjoyed myself and was glad to be surrounded by those who are interested in the same things as me."

    • "Yes, it was very informative. Knowledge is truly power and there were various things, to which I was exposed, that better prepared me for graduate school."

    • "The panels were very inspiring as they shared a pool of knowledge and experience."

  • Other Undergraduate Student Researchers
  • The University of Maryland National Conference for McNair Scholars and Undergraduate Research provides a forum in which students can learn what their peers are conducting research on, and network with those who have similar research interests. Grouping oral and poster research presentations by discipline provides a mechanism for intellectual exchange, stimulation, and future collaborations.

  • Research Faculty
  • The National Conference for McNair Scholars and Undergraduate Research is an excellent place for faculty members, whether they are McNair mentors, supporters of the McNair Program, or guests who want to see firsthand what the McNair program is all about. Mentors can support their mentees while learning more about McNair – and hopefully increasing their desire to continue mentoring McNair Scholars in the future!

  • Graduate School Recruiters

  • The Graduate School Fair is an ideal forum for Schools & Departments to reach a diverse group of high academic achievers with a high probability of attending graduate school.
    The University of Maryland's National Conference for McNair Scholars and Undergraduate Research is an excellent way to meet serious and highly qualified undergraduates who are interested in learning about graduate programs at your respective institution. With nearly 250 participants, the Graduate School Fair is well attended and extremely beneficial for both students and graduate school recruiters. It is one of the highlights of the conference.