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Mission of AAP's Tutoring Component

The Tutoring Component of the Academic Achievement Programs (AAP) at the University of Maryland provides academic support for a number of lower-level CORE classes. In the one-hour sessions, tutors will assist students to obtain a clearer picture of the course material and encourage the students to develop their own study techniques.

The tutor, in his/her role as a peer facilitator, structures each weekly session according to the syllabus of the CORE class, but he/she is always willing to address the issues with which students are experiencing difficulties. Overall, each tutoring session is designed to help the students build confidence in their abilities to handle complex issues raised in the classroom. Additionally, the tutoring sessions, with their strong focus on collaborative learning techniques, should encourage the participating students to form their own study groups in the future.

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Which Classes are Usually Offered?

AAP's Tutoring and Study Skills Components offer most of the following classes during the Fall and Spring semesters once or twice a week. To obtain an accurate list of classes for the current semester, come to the Tutoring Coordinator's office at 2100 Marie Mount Hall or call 301-405-4745:

AASP 100       AMST 207      BSCI 103        BSCI 105        CCJS 100        CCJS 105

CHEM 103      COMM 107    DANC 200      ECON 200         GVPT 100       GVPT 170

HIST 156         HIST 157         MUET 210      PHIL 140      PHYS 106/7    PSYC 100

SOCY 100      SOCY 105      THET 110

During Summer Session II each year, the Tutoring Component hires tutors for selected classes in connection with the Study Skills Component. During the Summer Transitional Program, we enroll students for the coming academic year. The support classes are mostly restricted to the participants in the Summer Transitional Program.

Classes that are usually offered during that time period include the following:

AASP 100       AMST 212      CCJS 100        CCJS 105        HIST 157         MUET 210

SOCY 100      THET 110       

AAP also offers academic support for the major Math requirements as well as basic English classes. For more information, please check out the Math and English Components' webpages (link to Math and English).

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How to Get a Tutor

To request tutoring, go to the Tutoring Coordinator's office in 2100 Marie Mount Hall to fill out a request form. AAP's tutoring tervices serves all eligible students for most lower-level CORE classes. Eligible students are primarily low-income, first generation students, students with a learning disability, or a combination of all.

Participating in the tutoring sessions is free for students once eligibility has been approved. The tutor meets the students in small groups up to five or six students once per week for one hour either in Marie Mount Hall  or in any of the surrounding buildings.

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