Frequently Asked Questions

Do students have to be enrolled in their school's McNair Scholars Program to attend?

No. We encourage both students who are enrolled in a Student Support Services program and students who are not in any TRIO program to attend. All undergraduate students can benefit from the conference in varying ways. Please see Who Should Attend? for more information.

Is student information shared with marketers and recruiters?

Not without your explicit permission. During the registration process, students are asked whether their information may be shared. Please be aware, however, that attendees may be photographed or videotaped.

How much does the conference cost?

It varies. Please see the registration form for the full explanation of prices.

Am I or my student permitted to attend only part of the conference?

Not at this time. However, you or your students are permitted to bring a guest to any of the conference meals. Additional guest meal charges will apply.

What accommodations can be made for special dietary needs?

Vegetarian meals are available. Most meals will be buffet-style, with plenty of vegetarian options. The Friday banquet dinner has a vegetarian option; please choose this option during registration if desired. Other special dietary needs may be accommodated if possible; please email to request special arrangements.

What resources are available for students who will make a presentation?

We can provide an SVGA 800x600 projector and a laptop running Windows. If you intend to use a PowerPoint presentation, please be prepared to give your presentation without technology in case of technical difficulties. Please see the presentation page for more details.