EOC Staff Directory

B.A., Political Science
M.A., Urban Studies
Ed.D., Educational Administration

Dr. Marcal Graham is the Associate Director of University of Maryland Educational Opportunity Center (UMD-EOC) which is dedicated to informing and assisting adults interested in pursuing postsecondary education options. Dr. Graham brings over 10 years of experience in the field of Educational Leadership. He has worked with several Trio Programs prior to joining the University of Maryland Educational Opportunity Center (UMD-EOC) such as Ronald McNair Faculty in Training, Student Support Services, and Talent Search Program.

Dr. Graham has worked in several school systems and has significant expertise in the area of student assessment, data analysis, and charter school governance. He has interacted extensively with students, teachers, principals, school administrators, and board members in an effort to inform teaching and learning and to improve student academic achievement at the K-16 level. He has spent several years training teachers and principals to fully and effectively use data in the classroom.

Dr. Graham was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and always viewed education as the great equalizer to attaining professional and academic success. He has written several books which shed light on how to overcome personal and professional obstacles and adversity in life. Dr. Graham's goal is to empower and mentor those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. His tool is to help change the mind-set and thinking of those who feel like giving up in life.

B.S., Morgan State University
M.Ed., Towson University

Mr. Earl A. Johnson is an Educational Specialist at The University of Maryland Educational Opportunity Center. He received his B.S. from Morgan State University and his M.Ed. from Towson University. Mr. Johnson has taught in Baltimore City Public Schools, The Seed School of Maryland, Edison Schools Inc., and Baltimore City Community College. Mr. Johnson has worked in several areas of College Access Advisement and he has also worked as a College Admissions Officer at two Maryland State Universities.

In his current role at the University of Maryland College Park, Mr. Johnson provides academic, personal, and career counseling to both adults and young people in Prince Georges County. He also works with first generation potential college students, to help them not only to enroll at The University Of Maryland College Park, but he also works with both young people and adults who are looking to enroll in colleges and universities across the state and across the country.

B.S., Information Systems Management

Mrs. Greene has served UMD for over 5 years as an Administrative Professional with two years on the Executive Level. She brings over 25 years of exceptional service to the Administrative field with 6 years as a part-time Certified Medical Assistant. Mrs. Green is passionate about community service and public awareness.