Admission to the McNair Program


    Eligible students are:

    • Students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.85 in the major or

    • Students with exceptional academic progress in the two preceding semesters or

    • Students with exceptional academic progress in the last 30 hours of academic credits.

    • Interested in attending graduate school and pursuing doctoral studies

    • Interested in a joint professional and traditional academic doctoral degree

    • Full-time sophomores (60 credits minimum), juniors and, on rare occasion, seniors who can commit to a summer research experience and have had prior research experience

    • Enrolled at the University of Maryland College Park, Frostburg State University, or Saint Mary's College of Maryland

    • From groups traditionally under-represented in graduate school or specific graduate programs

    • Students who meet financial and family education requirements per the U.S. Department of Education

    • U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident

    • Transfer students who meet all the above requirements.

    Qualities and Attributes of Our Applicants

    The McNair Scholars Program is preparing the next generation of problem-solvers, scholars, public intellectuals, professors, and leaders. We consider the following qualities:

    • Self-motivated

    • Mature, responsible and reliable

    • Potential for leadership

    • Honesty, sincerity and integrity

    • A commitment to research

    • An activist spirit

    • A desire to discover and contribute new knowledge

    Program Services

    The program offers these services:

    • Preparation for graduate school admissions tests

    • Supplemental academic advising

    • Graduate school advising

    • Tutoring

    • Research mentoring

    • Paid summer research internship

    • Assistance with identification and acquisition of graduate school financing

    • Assistance with graduate school applications

    • Advanced writing classes

    • Opportunities to present research at national McNair Conferences

    • Research preparation classes/seminars

    • Academic development workshops

    When to Apply

    Applications are being processed on a rolling basis and will be accepted until all spaces are filled. Please contact the McNair Scholars Program Office with questions: McNairScholar@umd.edu or 301-405-4749.


    • Complete and submit an application:

      • Completed application form supplying information on background and skills.

      • Statement of Purpose outlining graduate studies objectives and how participation in the program will help meet those objectives.

      • All official transcripts, including from transfer institutions.

      • Two letters of recommendation appraising the student's academic abilities and potential to successfully complete graduate level work. One of the letters must come from a professor in the student's field of study or previous professors if a transfer student. If student was or is a participant in a TRiO program one letter of recommendation may come from a TRIO program director or another individual who can speak to student's character and other personal qualities.

      • Proof of U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status

      • Family Income Verification Information:

        • Signed tax statement from parent (if dependent)

        • Signed financial aid form

        • Signed statement on application from parent (if dependent)

        • Signed statement on application from applicant (if independent)

    Application Form

    Complete the Application