Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is IED?

2.What is the purpose of IED?

3.How can I obtain an IED tutor?

4.What courses are covered by IED?

5.How can I apply to be a tutor in IED?

  1. What is IED?
    Intensive Educational Development provides:

    1. Support for students enrolled at UM

    2. A potential avenue of admissions to UM from the Summer Transitional Program

    3. A comprehensive tutoring program

    4. Continuing development of English, math and college study skills

    5. A framework to support your quest for academic success

  2. What is the purpose of IED?
    IED is designed to provide comprehensive and continuous academic advising, counseling, and other support services to undergraduate students.

  3. How can I obtain an IED tutor?
    Please visit the Tutoring site to request a tutor online. You can also contact the tutorial coordinator at (301) 405-4745.

  4. What courses are covered by IED?
    We have tutors in a great number of General Education requirement courses such as: AASP100, SOCY 100, etc. There is a course list available online.

  5. How can I apply to be a tutor in IED?
    Qualified students can stop by the office and fill out an application with one of the academic coordinators. The IED office is located in Suite 2400 Marie Mount Hall. These are paid positions. Qualified students are students who are dependable, willing to sacrifice time and energy, and are screened on the basis of their demonstrated academic performance, previous tutoring or related work experience.