Mathematics Component

The goal of the Mathematics Component is to enhance and improve the mathematics skills of students so that they will be able to succeed in an entry-level math course at the University. Through lectures, small group discussions, and lab settings, efforts are made to provide effective developmental instruction as well as help students become more independent learners as they shift from a product-oriented and rule-based approach to a process-oriented and concept-based approach to solving problems. To prepare students for the college-level mathematics required to enter their chosen major fields, the Mathematics Component provides opportunities to:

  • Establish a strong foundation in mathematical skills

  • Improve math problem-solving capabilities

  • Reduce math anxiety

  • Analyze and self-assess computational skills

  • Understand the thinking process involved in problem solving

The courses for which the Mathematics Component provides support are:

  • MATH 003 - Developmental Mathematics

  • Math 107 - Introduction to Math Modeling and Probability

  • MATH 113 - College Algebra & Trigonometry

  • MATH 115 - Precalculus

  • MATH 120 - Elem. Calculus I

  • MATH 121 - Elem. Calculus II

  • MATH 135 - Discrete Mathematics for Life Sciences

  • MATH 140 - Calculus I

  • MATH 141 - Calculus II

  • MATH 241 - Calculus III

  • MATH 246 - Differential Equations

  • STAT 100 - Elem. Statistics & Probability

For additional information on the Mathematics Component, please contact:

Mr. Pierre Yanda, Mathematics Coordinator
2211A Marie Mount Hall
College Park, Maryland 20742  
301.405.4746 tel
301.314.9794 fax